Top 10 pubg mobile tips and tricks

Top 10 pubg mobile tips and tricks, nowadays pubg is a most popular game in the world. Everyone is get addicted to this game. So here are some tips which will boost your gaming in pubs mobile.

1) First’s you have to set up your pubg game

You have to log in with your personal account safely from which type of account you want to log in.
Now choose your username which is available for you. There may be your favorite user name not available at that time but you can choose differently. User name is not a big deal for you

2) Use headphones in this game

before starting any match in pubg you have to must use your headphone. Because it is very use full to talk to your friends and also for listening the voice of footstep of your enemy. By this way you can easily track your enemy and can find where he also kills him. This tip is very use full for pubg mobile games.

3) Get new clothes in pubg

In starting you will start from underwear but you can get more cloths in inventory and can buy new clothes from real money which is good for you can also search for cloth during the match. Which cloth you will get during match you will they temporary cloths .

4) Set your controls according to you

This is a biggy. PUBG Mobile offers different controls for foot and vehicles and you can adjust both. Head into settings > controls or settings > vehicles and you’ll find the options for defaults.

5) Select map in which you want to play

You’ll find the option to select the map once you hit the game type button. If you select all, it will randomly pick one for you. Different maps have different terrain and some exclusive weapons or vehicles.

6) Turn on or off voice chat is your choice

you can turn on or off your voice chat as you want to do . If you are playing solo match  then you can off your voice chat but if you are playing duo of other team member in that game then you can on your voice chat, for conversation with them.

7) Select modes

Select mode you want to play in which you mode there is two mode in this game

  • Classic mode
  • Arcade mode

Select Classic for the longer 100 player game. This is the original PUBG Mobile experience, played with a full roster across the entire map. You can change the teams and the map for Classic games.

There many types of arcade modes like


8) Select right weapon


The P18C is currently the only pistol in the game which can spew bullets in full auto mode


The P1911 takes .45 ACP rounds. This gives it fantastic stopping-power at close range when compared with many other pistols that use less potent 9mm rounds.


The tried and tested stalwart of the submachine gun category, the UMP9 is a common drop which dishes out decent damage at close to mid-range, and has both a lovely iron sight and forgiving recoil pattern


The M416 trumps almost all Assault Rifles as it’s by far the easiest to use, has decent damage and accepts any attachment you care to throw at it.


A rare drop found only in Crates, think of the Groza as an AKM Assault Rifle paired with a submachine gun’s insane rate of fire.


In almost every aspect the QBZ95 loses out against the M416. However, it wins out against the M416 when it comes to handling. It’s got a consistent recoil pattern that makes it much easier to use when spraying or tapping the trigger, which means that it’s a perfect weapon for those who value accuracy and ease of use above damage stats.


The beefiest bolt-action sniper in PUBG is the AWM. Capable of obliterating enemies before they can blink, it’s a rare treasure that’s only found in Crates – put simply, this weapon is an absolute monster.


A budget version of the AWM, but still packing more than enough punch, the KAR98K is an excellent Sniper Rifle. It’s bolt-action too, meaning it’s got a terribly slow fire rate but it compensates for this with brilliant accuracy at long range.

Mini 14

Despite its damage output not being particularly high, this is one of the most well-rounded guns in the game. It’s got the highest bullet velocity too, which makes long range fights a breeze.


The M249’s a behemoth that’s capable of firing 100 bullets in less than ten seconds. You’ll only find it in Crates, and for good reason too – this thing devastates enemies.

9) Strategies for moving around the Battleground

. With the arrival of version 1.0, you won’t need to master the crouch-jump, as vaulting should take its place. That said, it’s worth toggling the ‘Vault’ command to something other than the regular ‘jump’ (Spacebar) button, because there are certain things you can only scale the old-fashioned way. Learn what heights you can vault and scale for when you’re in a pinch.

10) How to get most of the  medikits

There are only two ways to heal yourself back to 100 per cent – the very rare Medkit, which instantly heals you to 100 per cent after 10 seconds, and ‘boost’ items like Energy Drinks and Painkillers, which will heal you over time.


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